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These are the areas NORML is working on changing the political landscape.  Find your passion.  Use your skills.

Help us win this freedom fight.

  • Ballot Initiatives
    State ballot initiatives for legalization and medical access in California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine (legalization); Arkansas, Missouri and Florida (medicalization), where the importance of a majority of these reform initiatives passing can’t be overstated, notably in the nation state that is California.
  • State Legislation
    With dozens of bills introduced this year, state legislatures remain a stronghold for reformers with strong prospect of passage (recently, in a span of one week three state legislatures–Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio– adopted access to medical cannabis laws; historically speaking, it used to take decades to pass such bills).
  • Federal Legislation
    Like the state legislatures Congress is now a hotbed of proposed pot law reforms (there are over twenty cannabis law reform bills that range from legalization to decriminalization to states’ rights for cannabis legalization to sentencing reforms to industrial hemp legislation; last week a bi-partisan bill was introduced to try to break the medical cannabis research bureaucratic logjam at the federal level).
  • Congressional Lobby Day Conference and Legislator Score Card
    In late May NORML convened a Congressional Lobby Day Conference that was exciting, informative, well attended and impactful. At last year’s Lobby Day one member of Congress addressed cannabis citizen-lobbyists, this year a bi-partisan group of five members spoke (including one from California who made national news for acknowledging to the NORML Lobby Day participants that he uses medical cannabis). Also this spring NORML released the first-ever comprehensive Congressional Scorecard to help voters make informed decisions regarding their members’ voting record and/or public view

NORML Programs and Services
NORML’s well-established programs and public services continue to serve the cannabis community and general public in myriad ways:

  • NORML chapter network (over 160 state and local volunteer-run chapters are the backbone of NORML’s grassroots public advocacy)
  • NORML ‘Act’ (empowering citizen-lobbyists to positively influence state and federal legislation online since 2000)
  • NORML Legal Committee (With nearly 700,00 annual arrests on marijuana-only charges still in America, the largest network of lawyers who’re experts on pot prohibition unfortunately remain ever busy. After 46 years the mantra still holds: get busted…contact NORML…get help)
  • NORML PAC (Identifying and funding current elected office holders (and their pro-pot opponents) at the local, state and federal level who favor substantive marijuana law reform legislation)
  • NORML Social Media (The oldest and largest pro-marijuana law reform group also has one of the largest social media networks in the crowded online cannabis space)
  • Drug testing (NORML is a trusted source for verifiable and credible information about not only workplace drug testing, but experts too in Driving Under Influence of Drugs (DUID))
  • Media Outreach (With over 2,000 interviews annually no drug policy reform organization appears in the media more than NORML)