Here’s A Script For Calling Your Federal or State Legislator


This is a Suggested Script for Telephoning (not email . . . voice calling) Your State/Federal Representative/Senator. Find your State Representatives here.  Find your Federal Representatives here. Before you call them, PRINT this page, and feel free to modify and FILL IN THE BLANKS to suit your style. Do it before calling!!  But Do Call Them!!  As […]

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The 2016 Elections are Over . . . Where Do We Go From Here?

Charlotte NORML looks at Mecklenburg County’s NC House and Senate delegates for the 2017-2018 Legislative sessions.

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Does Politics Affect the Cannabis Movement?

As we draw closer to Election Day, we’re all watching the craziness that is the 2016 presidential election. Every day as I read news articles, Facebook, and other social media, the same question keeps popping up: Does politics effect the cannabis movement? Even for those in legal states, your answer should be yes. Politics effects every facet of life these days!

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