An Open Letter to Charlotte City Council

December 4, 2017 Vi Lyles, Mayor Larken Egleston, District 1 Justin Harlow, District 2 LaWana Mayfield, District 3 Greg Phipps, District 4 Matt Newton, District 5 Tariq Bokhari, District 6 Ed Driggs, District 7 Dimple Ajmera, Member-At-Large Julie Eiselt, Member-At-Large James Mitchell, Jr., Member-At-Large Braxton Winston II, Member-At-Large   Charlotte NORML wishes to extend congratulations […]

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Who is Catherine A. Zanga & Why is Her Name on a North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill?

Catherine Zanga

North Carolina State Senator Joel Ford (District 38 – Mecklenburg) has introduced a companion to the Medical Marijuana Bill filed in February 2017, House Bill 185. The Senate version contains much of the same language, absent the requirement of a constitutional voter referendum.

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Here’s A Script For Calling Your Federal or State Legislator


This is a Suggested Script for Telephoning (not email . . . voice calling) Your State/Federal Representative/Senator. Find your State Representatives here.  Find your Federal Representatives here. Before you call them, PRINT this page, and feel free to modify and FILL IN THE BLANKS to suit your style. Do it before calling!!  But Do Call Them!!  As […]

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Open Letter to the NC Legislators To Support HB 185

Dear Representatives, This is only a quick THANK YOU for your sustained efforts on behalf of cannabis patients in our State. Over the years, the issue of reform has served at the cutting edge of societal evolution.  The comprehensive nature of this bill (especially the licensing structure, projected state revenues, and protection of minors) should […]

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President Trump: Leave Medical Marijuana to the States

On October 29, 2015, at a campaign rally in Reno, NV, President Trump talked about marijuana on the campaign trail.  Since his election, much hate has been spewed, directed at him, or his policies, or our American system. Hopefully, this clip may ease our turmoil. If not, fire one up and call your Congressman.  It’s […]

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The 2016 Elections are Over . . . Where Do We Go From Here?

Charlotte NORML looks at Mecklenburg County’s NC House and Senate delegates for the 2017-2018 Legislative sessions.

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