Can North Carolina Think Outside the Box?

In a recent post at BlueNC, James Protzman suggests that “Legalization doesn’t require embracing the hyper-commercialization model Colorado has adopted.  A less invasive approach for North Carolina would likely make more sense, where the right of individuals to medicate themselves isn’t overwhelmed by corporate greed. That’s a “how” question, which must be addressed once we […]

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Who is Catherine A. Zanga & Why is Her Name on a North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill?

Catherine Zanga

North Carolina State Senator Joel Ford (District 38 – Mecklenburg) has introduced a companion to the Medical Marijuana Bill filed in February 2017, House Bill 185. The Senate version contains much of the same language, absent the requirement of a constitutional voter referendum.

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How Cannabis Helped Me Beat Opiate Addiction and Deal With Degenerative Disk Disease.

cannabis instead of opiates

I don’t need to know why I’m lucky, just that I am to have made it out alive. I won’t waste the chance to try and make a difference. There always a chance to come back from an addiction. Death is another story though, tell someone before it’s too late.

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Could Cannabis be the Solution to Opioid Addiction?

Opiates and opioid drugs have been used for pain relief for centuries, but their use may come with a huge price tag: addiction and death. Cannabis may enable people who must use opioids for severe pain to reduce the amount they need or as a substitute with far less risk.

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Opiates, Cannabis, and North Carolina.

opiate epidemic

States that have legal access to medical cannabis have seen drastic reductions in opiate overdose deaths. Twenty five percent, one out of four deaths prevented by cannabis. Our elected officials are turning a blind eye to the suffering of their constituents and ignore offering medical cannabis as an option.

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President Trump: Leave Medical Marijuana to the States

On October 29, 2015, at a campaign rally in Reno, NV, President Trump talked about marijuana on the campaign trail.  Since his election, much hate has been spewed, directed at him, or his policies, or our American system. Hopefully, this clip may ease our turmoil. If not, fire one up and call your Congressman.  It’s […]

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