An Open Letter to the New Charlotte City Council

December 4, 2017 Vi Lyles, Mayor                                                          Tariq Bokhari, District 6 Larken Egleston, District 1                                         Ed Driggs, District 7 Justin Harlow, District 2                                              Dimple Ajmera, Member-At-Large LaWana Mayfield, […]

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Public Meeting – Minutes from November 2017

Charlotte NORML November 18, 2017 Public Meeting Minutes SEEDS 200 36th Street Charlotte, NC 28209   Walker called the meeting to order at 1:20pm with a minute of silence. There were 20 in attendance, including Board Members Walker Spruill, Roy Santonil, Andrew Manney, Patrice Marsh, and Ann Caughran. A quorum was met. Walker talked about […]

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How Much?

how much

Money, that is. It’s an uncomfortable topic with idealistic activists. However amidst the sturm und drang of the legalization debate, there is a hushed undercurrent of discussion on both sides about money. Cash. Cabbage. Juice. Bucks. Scratch. Clams. Dough. Grease. Greenbacks.  I better stop. The unspoken necessity of legal tender often puts both Reformers and […]

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Here’s A Script For Calling Your Federal or State Legislator


This is a Suggested Script for Telephoning (not email . . . voice calling) Your State/Federal Representative/Senator. Find your State Representatives here.  Find your Federal Representatives here. Before you call them, PRINT this page, and feel free to modify and FILL IN THE BLANKS to suit your style. Do it before calling!!  But Do Call Them!!  As […]

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