How Cannabis Helped Me Beat Opiate Addiction and Deal With Degenerative Disk Disease.

cannabis instead of opiates

I don’t need to know why I’m lucky, just that I am to have made it out alive. I won’t waste the chance to try and make a difference. There always a chance to come back from an addiction. Death is another story though, tell someone before it’s too late.

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President Trump: Leave Medical Marijuana to the States

On October 29, 2015, at a campaign rally in Reno, NV, President Trump talked about marijuana on the campaign trail.  Since his election, much hate has been spewed, directed at him, or his policies, or our American system. Hopefully, this clip may ease our turmoil. If not, fire one up and call your Congressman.  It’s […]

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Chicken Soup with Canna-Dumplings

It’s that time of year! When you put on a big pot of Chicken soup and smell it cooking all day. The kind you fix for a game day when family and friends are getting together, and yes, sometimes, just by ourselves; that quiet, yummy, delicious bowl of soup! Well, this recipe is all of those. So, the more […]

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