Guest Writer – How Can We Get Cannabis Legalized In NC?

Guest writer Jesse Lawson is a 24-year-old cannabis enthusiast fighting prohibition with knowledge and writing. From smoking to reform, he finds every aspect of the canna-culture interesting. Guest writer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Charlotte NORML or National NORML.   Your comments are welcome. How Can We Get Cannabis Legalized In NC? In 2016, publisher […]

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How Much?

how much

Money, that is. It’s an uncomfortable topic with idealistic activists. However amidst the sturm und drang of the legalization debate, there is a hushed undercurrent of discussion on both sides about money. Cash. Cabbage. Juice. Bucks. Scratch. Clams. Dough. Grease. Greenbacks.  I better stop. The unspoken necessity of legal tender often puts both Reformers and […]

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How Can You Help?

SHORT ANSWER: GET IN TOUCH  Charlotte NORML has immediate needs for volunteer: WRITERS (for this website) TEACHERS (to educate the public) WEB DESIGNERS (to enhance our digital space) ADMINISTRATORS (to facilitate communication) FINANCIAL EXPERTS (to maintain our non-profit status) MEDICAL EXPERTS (to support the science of cannabis reform) LEGAL EXPERTS (including Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) […]

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Here’s A Script For Calling Your Federal or State Legislator


This is a Suggested Script for Telephoning (not email . . . voice calling) Your State/Federal Representative/Senator. Find your State Representatives here.  Find your Federal Representatives here. Before you call them, PRINT this page, and feel free to modify and FILL IN THE BLANKS to suit your style. Do it before calling!!  But Do Call Them!!  As […]

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Opiates, Cannabis, and North Carolina.

opiate epidemic

States that have legal access to medical cannabis have seen drastic reductions in opiate overdose deaths. Twenty five percent, one out of four deaths prevented by cannabis. Our elected officials are turning a blind eye to the suffering of their constituents and ignore offering medical cannabis as an option.

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Charlotte NORML Monthly Meeting – February 18, 2017

Charlotte NORML’s next meeting is on Saturday, February 18, 2017, from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. We will be meeting at SEEDS 200 E. 36th Street, Charlotte NC, 28206. Note that due to light rail construction, you will need to access 36th Street via Tryon Street: We will be discussing plans for the coming year.  Cannabis […]

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Lessons From Being a Board Member with Charlotte NORML

As I approach the end of my first term on the Board of Charlotte NORML, I want to post some thoughts about lessons learned over the past year, and perhaps encourage you to think about being on the Board.  This is, of course, just one of five Board members’ perspectives.  However, a big reason our Board […]

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