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Public Meeting – Minutes from November 2017

Charlotte NORML November 18, 2017 Public Meeting Minutes SEEDS 200 36th Street Charlotte, NC 28209   Walker called the meeting to order at 1:20pm with a minute of silence. There were 20 in attendance, including Board Members Walker Spruill, Roy Santonil, Andrew Manney, Patrice Marsh, and Ann Caughran. A quorum was met. Walker talked about […]

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Signs and Omens: NC (Republican!) Senator Supports MMJ Research Bill

Federal marijuana policy

A North Carolina Republican Senator Supporting MMJ Research Bill shows how ending Prohibition will help to end political gridlock. ROCKINGHAM — U.S. Senator Thom Tillis is throwing his support behind a federal bill that gives some advocates of medical cannabis hope for the future. Last week, Tillis signed on as a co-sponsor to the Marijuana […]

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How Much?

how much

Money, that is. It’s an uncomfortable topic with idealistic activists. However amidst the sturm und drang of the legalization debate, there is a hushed undercurrent of discussion on both sides about money. Cash. Cabbage. Juice. Bucks. Scratch. Clams. Dough. Grease. Greenbacks.  I better stop. The unspoken necessity of legal tender often puts both Reformers and […]

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And Now . . . A Word from NORML Legal Counsel

[Ed.Note: This is a re-post of yesterday’s article by NORML Counsel, which mentions Washington vs. Sessions, the recently filed Federal case challenging the constitutionality of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, specifically marijuana Prohibition. It does not reflect the personal views of any particular Charlotte NORML members.] As an attorney, I am always disappointed that […]

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Appeals Court: State-Sanctioned Marijuana Users Not Afforded Second Amendment Rights

Marijuana and Federal law

(This article concerns the Second Amendment.  It was originally posted on the National NORML website August 31, 2016 by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director. North Carolina is in the Fourth Circuit, and is considered by many to be a strong Second Amendment state. To date, the NRA has been relatively silent on this issue.) Justices […]

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Public Meeting – Minutes from May 2017

Our Monthly PUBLIC Meeting was held at Mecklenburg County Public Library (Plaza-Midwood Branch), 1623 Central Avenue, Charlotte NC.  Two Officers were present: Walker Spruill, Executive Director, and Roy Santonil, Deputy Director.  Missing were Secretary Ann Coughran, Treasurer Andrew Manney, Community Liaison Janelle Dunlap, and Marketing Co-ordinator Patrice Marsh.  There were 18 people present. Meeting was […]

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How Can You Help?

SHORT ANSWER: GET IN TOUCH  Charlotte NORML has immediate needs for volunteer: WRITERS (for this website) TEACHERS (to educate the public) WEB DESIGNERS (to enhance our digital space) ADMINISTRATORS (to facilitate communication) FINANCIAL EXPERTS (to maintain our non-profit status) MEDICAL EXPERTS (to support the science of cannabis reform) LEGAL EXPERTS (including Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) […]

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Who is Catherine A. Zanga & Why is Her Name on a North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill?

Catherine Zanga

North Carolina State Senator Joel Ford (District 38 – Mecklenburg) has introduced a companion to the Medical Marijuana Bill filed in February 2017, House Bill 185. The Senate version contains much of the same language, absent the requirement of a constitutional voter referendum.

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