Public Meeting – Minutes from January 2018

Charlotte NORML Public Meeting

January 20, 2018


200 E. 36th Street

  Charlotte NC 28206


Walker Spruill called the meeting to order at 1:26 pm with a moment of silence.

There were 13 present, including Board members Walker Spruill, Roy Santonil, Andrew and Ann Twitty Caughran. A quorum was met.

We will be holding elections for the Board of Directors in February, 2018. Walker and Patrice will be stepping down, Ann and Roy will remain, and Andrew will remain on a month to month basis if needed, until we can field a complete Board. The new Board will determine when to file for 501(c)(3) status, will decide on a new webmaster, and lead the chapter toward fulfillment of our goals.

Walker, Roy, Ann and Andrew discussed their experiences as Board members/activists, and encouraged people to consider running for election.

We opened the floor for questions and discussion. Prospective members are invited to a brunch on January 28th at 1:00 pm, location will be provided to those with a sincere interest. If you are interested in being a Board member, please email us at or call

(980) 288-8704 (Google Voice).

Walker and Ann discussed plans for Mardi Grass (2/3/18 at Three Spirits), and asked those in attendance to contact local businesses who might be sympathetic to donate an item, service or coupon valued at $25.00 or greater for our raffle. Ask letters and donation forms were given to each.

We also had mini-flyers advertising our monthly meetings available for folks to distribute to canna-friendly businesses.

The Mecklenburg County Bar Association has invited Roy to present a webinar on marijuana law on February 21 – this is a positive sign that change is afoot, even in NC.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 pm.

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