Public Meeting – Minutes from November 2017


Roy Santonil

Charlotte NORML

November 18, 2017

Public Meeting Minutes


200 36th Street

Charlotte, NC 28209


Walker called the meeting to order at 1:20pm with a minute of silence. There were 20 in attendance, including Board Members Walker Spruill, Roy Santonil, Andrew Manney, Patrice Marsh, and Ann Caughran. A quorum was met.

Walker talked about how her evolving perspective has changed her views on cannabis, and challenged us to think about how our perspectives drive our involvement in this movement.

Board elections (Ann/Walker)

We will be voting for a new Board of Directors in February 2018. At least 3 officers will be resigning, including Janelle Dunlap who has recently stepped from the Community Liaison position. Only members can be on Board and vote for the Board. Ann will send an application form out to our members – please consider joining – all the current members agree that this has been a great experience.

Mardi Grass event planning (Ann/Walker)

We are still planning to have a fundraiser in February as well. We have contacted 15 venues and have received very positive response from several of them. We have conducted or scheduled walkthroughs for the top contenders.


We have also started compiling a list of local and national business that we hope will consider contributing raffle items, or possibly be interested in partnership/sponsorship of Charlotte NORML. We will also be asking whether they might offer Charlotte NORML card-holders a discount or other incentives for shopping.

Roy Santonil reported on a Google Hangouts call with Board members from North Carolina NORML, NORML of the Catawba Valley; topics of discussion included Unity, differing modalities of communication and working together.


Roy noted that NORML as a 47 year old organization has long been seen as the pot-smokers lobby, which has led to both positive and negative reactions. However there is a definite brand recognition for NORML – people are hungry for the truth that we can offer. As an example, I attended the joint conference of North and South Carolina Black Lawyers, wearing NORML gold leaf pin, and received dozens of requests for information about cannabis.

Web site transition – we have a new webmaster who will be able to add PayPal and credit card and increase the functionality of our website.

Board meeting with Reeves Law firm (Roy)

Roy reached out to Robert J. Reeves of Walker, Roy and Ann met with Robert and his associate, Aaron Lee. We are discussing the possibility of an Ask-a-Lawyer column for our website (we have sent them a list of questions sent in to our email address) and updating our What to do if you are stopped by police card.

Discussion topic: how can we increase attendance; what other local speakers/ presentations/topics/ or entertainment would members be interested in?

If you have specific projects for people to work on (flyers, writing letters, etc.) gets people interested

We need people to approach City Council (public safety meetings on Wednesday afternoons)

Reach out to agricultural community in the area

Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm


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