Public Meeting – Minutes from October 2017

Charlotte NORML October Public Meeting

October 21, 2017


200 E. 36th Street

Charlotte, NC 28206


Called to order at 1:23 pm by Roy Santonil, Deputy ED – 13 people were in attendance, including Board members Roy Santonil, Andrew Manney, and Ann Twitty Caughran.

Walker and Patrice attended Harvest the Good, a community awareness event about hemp and medical cannabis in NC, sponsored by NC Women for Cannabis. They will be able to report on this event at our next meeting.

We are still in planning stages for February event: For the Love of Green and are in need of volunteers for the event.

We are also looking for members to stand for board positions in February.

There was a general discussion of what brought people to Charlotte NORML and what they hope CLTN will accomplish in the future.

Treasurer’s Report: We have under $300 available, as we recently purchased a new batch of t-shirts.

Secretary’s Report: Walker and I hope to meet very soon with a new web-master to get our web-site back up and running with greater functionality.

Two Libertarian candidates for City Council, Steven J. DiFiore, II (At-Large) and Jeff Scott (District 6) spoke about the Libertarian position on marijuana law reform and their campaigns.

Meeting concluded at 2:30 pm


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