Public Meeting – Minutes from September 2017

Charlotte NORML Public Meeting

200 E. 36th Street

Charlotte NC 282



Walker called the meeting to order at 1:20pm with a moment of silence.

There were 22 present, including Board members Walker Spruill, Roy Santonil, Andrew Manney, and Ann Caughran – a quorum was met.

Upcoming events:


Harvest the Good – Sunday, 10/1/17 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm, Banquet 49, 4949 Albermarle Road, Charlotte, NC 28205

Some of the proceeds from this public event will be used to support NC Women 4 Cannabis. Link to the event page to purchase $10.00 advance tickets:


Charlotte NORML Board would like to call for volunteers to help plan an event in February with cannabis love as part of the theme. If you have event planning experience/skills, we’d love your ideas and energy to help us pull this together. This would be a public event, we need a venue, musicians, artists –  our concept is for artists of all kinds to have tables, with artworks around the theme of loving cannabis.

We also are appreciative that folks are joining Charlotte NORML, and would like for members to get something more than a great t-shirt and our appreciation for membership. Is there someone with sales experience/skills who can help us write a sales pitch to take to head-shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. to ask that they acknowledge CLTN members in some way (discount or freebie).

We will also have Board of Director meetings in February board elections – we want to meet with people who have an interest in taking a leadership role on the Board of Directors. We are asking people to sign up if interested – the current Board is planning a private event for potential board members, either a brunch or dinner (Roy has volunteered to cook).

Walker – My goal as Executive Director has been to create a community and it has been gratifying to see people join and volunteer to work with us. We need to keep moving that forward. There is no one way to do any of this – it’s going to take all of us working together as well as in our own ways. If you do have an interest in politics, in calling legislators, going to town halls, etc. – we need to form a political action committee.

At our last public meeting, as well as the two candidates for City Council who came and had an opportunity to speak, Braxton Winston (at-large candidate) came and spoke to remaining attendees after the meeting ended. He expressed support for medical marijuana and decriminalization.

Dr. Andrew Vanderveer:

The Board has asked me to speak on microdosing

My background: I was raised in Charlotte, and went to med school at Chapel Hill – moved to CA and for the last 5 years have been writing recommendations for medical cannabis.

This is a magic plant – It’s like a hug in the am, can change your whole day.

I use a low THC, high CBD tincture daily.

Science is coming to a greater understanding of the endocannabinoid system which was  discovered in 1992 when anandamide (an endogenous or endocannabinoid, named for the Sanskrit word for bliss) was found.

There are more than 80 molecules in cannabis – they are more effective taken together (the entourage effect) than alone.

Microdosing is taking the minimum effective dose – this may be easy to gauge when smoking or vaping – take one puff, wait 15 minutes before the next. If using in tincture or oil form, wait 30 minutes before trying another dose. For edibles, eat a 5 mg dose, wait 45 minutes to an hour before eating more. Use the smallest dose to trigger the effect/reaction you need.

It is also good to use cannabis with intentionality and thought.

Choose wisely – will this type trigger effects that are desirable (couch lock, pain relief, energizing) – in some ways, cannabis is a lot like people – great variety.

THC is not a bad thing, more balanced options coming available, start low go slow.

Exercise and cannabis are great natural partners – walking is the best, focus on your breath, take care of yourself.

Walker noted that if you are inhaling (vapor or smoke) you don’t need to hold it!

Meeting ended at 2:30pm

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  • I really believe this would benifit more from being live streamed. I live in Sanford NC and would lover to be a fly on the wall for this but I can’t drive 3 hours unfortunately.

    • Brenda – we would love for you to join us. Our next meeting is October 21, from 1-3pm at SEEDS, 200. E. 36th Street, Charlotte 28206. Meetings are free and open to the public. Please bring your energy and ideas and join us!

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